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Litter Robot 3 Open Air Litter Box With Connect For Animal Shelters Review

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The Litter Robot 3 Open Air is an automatic litter box that is ideal for cat owners and animal shelters to use for maximum efficiency and cleanliness. It has been my desire to use this product for a long time so I could compare and contrast it to other

Neko Flies Ultimate Cat Wand For Cat Enrichment

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Animal shelter supervisors have to be careful when selecting interactive toys because they have to meet several strict criteria in order for them to be considered. I have listed the minimum criteria for what a good interactive toy should meet. Toys that do not meet the guidelines below must be disposable due

The Best Enrichment For Orphan Kittens

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There is a ton of enrichment options that are available to animal shelters since animal sheltering has evolved significantly since its infancy. I usually recommend cat toys for caged cats, vertical space, hiding spots, and socialization. You can read my entire guide on shelter cage enrichment by clicking here

50 Ways to Prevent Upper Respiratory Infection in Shelter Cats

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Preventing upper respiratory infection is an important goal to have at all times as a single case of upper respiratory infection could cause havoc in the shelter. All it takes for upper respiratory to spread is one cat which can then spread the disease like wildfire. I have included

Working With Cats That Hide in Their Litter Box

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You will notice that cats tend to gravitate toward the litter box on their first day at the animal shelter and sometimes beyond the first week. Cats that hide in the litter box tend to do so because the litter box contains their own scent which is comforting for
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