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Taking An Effective Animal Photograph

Learning to photograph a shelter animal is an art form that requires skill, patience, and the ability to move fast. Like many forms of art,  learning to take a good shelter photograph will take some time for you to master. The first thing I want to teach you is

Adoption Promotion for Animal Shelters and Rescues

The true making of a successful event is working with the community and your team of employees to pull it all together. Make sure to tie a call to action with the message you are sending in any advertisement. You can hand out the advertisements and posters while holding

Black Cats Are Restricted From Adoption in October

Restricting the adoption of black cats during the month of October seems to have become a tradition for many animal shelters. A big number of animal shelters choose to ban the adoption of black cats during October because they fear that people will sacrifice them for rituals. The shelters

How to Prepare the Best Adoption Application

Having an adoption application that people have to fill out prior to adoption will allow for your shelter to interview potential adopters. The purpose of the application is to locate qualified adopters and to weed out unsuitable homes. The adoption application should be written in a way that you

Adoption Marketing for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Adoption is the time that every employee and volunteer looks forward to, the moment where all of your hard work and dedication pays off. Adoption may seem like an even bigger accomplishment for staff who adopt animals out of a kill shelter because of the heart break they go
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