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Prevention of Upper Respiratory In Cats

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The upper respiratory infection complex is composed of a variety of diseases that infect cats and kittens. Upper respiratory infections usually cause problems that are associated with the nose and throat area. The most common viruses that cause an upper respiratory infection is the feline herpes virus and feline

Disinfecting Against Upper Respiratory Infection

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You must clean every item and surface within your animal shelter that has the potential of becoming sneezed on or having contact with an animal. Even items that you touch after having contact with a shelter animal must be disinfected. In the home environment, you must do the same

Pool Shock is an Effective and Cheap Disinfectant

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Pool shock contains Calcium Hypochlorite, the main ingredient also found in Wysiwash, an EPA registered and USDA approved disinfectant. Both Wysiwash and diluted pool shock is effective against enveloped and non-enveloped diseases such as parvovirus, feline calicvirus, and feline rhinotracheitis. Both disinfectants also claim that they are effective against

Fomites and Disease Control

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A fomite is any inanimate object such as a food dish or toy that has the capability of carrying and transmitting infectious organisms. The most obvious fomites in the animal shelter setting would be objects that the animal directly touches each day. A few items that come to mind

Spot Cleaning Method for Cat Cages

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Stress can be an absolute killer for cats in the shelter environment. The best way that you can cut down the stress is by ditching the deep clean method for cleaning cages and replace it with the spot cleaning method. The old approach was to remove a cat from
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