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Carbonite for Storing Animal Shelter Files

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The animal sheltering field often has long paperwork trails and endless computer files that you are required to keep track of. You are required by the Department of Agriculture to keep adoption records, foster files, and other legal documents for at least 5 years. However, it is strongly advised

Avast Is the Best Antivirus For Animal Shelters

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It goes without saying that you want to find the best antivirus protection for your animal shelter without spending a fortune. You want to choose software that will protect customer data and keep sensitive information away from hackers. Your reputation depends on the antivirus software that you trust and

Cat-Proof Your Computer with Pawsense

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There is one unique method you can use to protect your computer from mischievous cats that does not involve yelling or spraying water at your cat. The Pawsense method of deterring cats from your computer is humane, cheap, and effective. This technique is also better because it will protect

SlimWare Utilities for Keeping a Computer Running Fast

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SlimWare Utilities is a set of tools that was designed to improve the reliability and usability of computer systems. The SlimWare Utilities set contains SlimCleaner, SlimComputer, and SlimDrivers. SlimWare Utilities is most useful in older computers that have become slow or sluggish. The best part about Slimware Utilities is

Use CCleaner to Make Your Computer Run Fast

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CCleaner is the best product on the market that is available for optimization purposes. CCleaner removes any unused files, duplicate files, temporary files, corrupted files, and registry errors. You also have the option of removing your browser history so that people cannot hijack your browsing history and record it
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