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Violation #3: Using the Wrong Hand Sanitizer

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One of the most common mistakes made in the animal shelter environment is that the wrong type or concentration of hand sanitizer is used. Improper usage, improper concentration available to staff, or inadequate usage of hand sanitizer can all lead to a significant spike in disease spread. All hand sanitizer

Violation 2: Cross Contamination Of Room Equipment

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Shelters should make every opportunity to color code equipment with makers or tape to identify them for which room they belong to and should be used in. I like to use the color green for adoption area, blue for intake, orange for isolation areas which houses potentially sick animals,

Violation 1: Cleaning Out Multiple Litter Boxes With One Litter Scoop

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Cleaning out multiple litter boxes with a shared litter scoop can cause multiple issues. Problems may include the spread of parasites and the spread of communicable diseases between animals. Shelters that do this to cut down resources or time must consider the damage that they are doing and the
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